Bare-Metal Installation Kit - Easily install TempleOS on bare-metal
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Bare-Metal Installation Kit - Easily install TempleOS on bare-metal


The goal for this project is to provide an easy way to create a hard disk image that can be booted on bare-metal hardware and QEMU seamlessly, to allow for transfer of files between PCs while developing software projects.

The intended usage is to create a disk image that can be copied to a hard disk mounted in a removable enclosure, and the hard disk transferred between the virtual environment and a bare-metal machine.


  • Create a raw disk image, at least large enough to hold 2*1G TempleOS RedSea partitions + partition table qemu-img create -f raw disk_img.raw 4G

  • qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,file=disk_img.raw -m 1024 -cdrom TempleOS.ISO -boot d

  • Run the VM install wizard, then re-run install wizard w/o VM option from each partition and choose RedSea format for each install


  • Use the provided disk image disk_img.raw.xz which skips these steps for you.


  • Clone the repo, add files to bmik.ISO.C

  • qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,file=disk_img.raw -m 1024 -cdrom bmik.ISO.C

FINALLY, for each partition:

  • Mount the CDROM, if it is not mounted already Mount; - drive letter 'T', 'p' for probe, number '2' for Secondary IDE

  • Cd("T:"); #include "Install";

  • Enter your Primary/Secondary base0, base1 I/O ports from lspci -v

  • Reboot


dd the resulting disk_img.raw to your target HDD, and you now have a TempleOS RedSea installation with 2 partitions, bootable on bare-metal and QEMU.