Host-Guest Block Device for TempleOS
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Host-Guest Block Device for TempleOS

PLEASE NOTE: The use of 3rd party libraries in TempleOS is banned per the Charter. Please do not build programs that depend on the use of HGBD.

(This can cause some issues with FileMgr if it tries to read a RedSea FS from the block device.)

Makes use of shared memory buffer between TempleOS Guest and Host.



  • Copy files between Host-Guest
  • Copy-paste clipboard between Host-Guest
  • Download files to Guest via HTTP/HTTPS
  • Take screenshot from Guest to Host as 4-bit PNG

You can create custom modules for HGBD and include them in modules section of the config file /etc/hgbdd.conf

Start HGBD daemon on Host:


In /etc/hgbdd.conf, replace blk_dev with the RAM disk block device (not tmpfs) and user with your username (for shared file write ownership)

To create the block device (64 MiB or larger):

Debian/Ubuntu: /dev/ram0 builtin
macOS: hdiutil attach -nomount ram://131072
Windows: Use ImDisk or a similar utility

On your TempleOS VM, connect COM2 to TCP4: (default) and create a raw device mapping to the block device.


QEMU: Add -hdX /dev/ram0 to startup parameters
VirtualBox: VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename "ram0.vmdk" -rawdisk /dev/ram0
VMware: Edit VM > Settings > Use a physical disk

Define unit, base0, base1 and drive letter for HGBD_DEV in HGBD.HC (default is I:)

#include "HGBD" in your ::/Home/HomeKeyPlugIns.HC to make use of shortcut keys for copy-paste and screenshots.


CdH(path); to change Host directory
CopyFindH(files); to copy FilesFind(files) in Guest to Host
CopyG(file); to copy Host file to Guest in current directory
CopyH(file); to copy Guest file to Host
DelH(file); Delete file in Host directory
DirCurH; points to current Host directory
DirH; List files in Host directory (click a directory to navigate, or a file to CopyG)
GetURL(url) download url to Guest in current directory
GetURLStr(url) return the response text of url as a string
HCopy; copies Guest clipboard to Host
HPaste; paste Host clipboard at cursor location
ScrShot; take screenshot to Host directory


  • pip install: clipboard, urlparse
  • wget
  • GraphicsMagick (for screenshots)
  • TOSZ (to transfer .Z files)